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dirt works in the Texas Hill Country

Dirt works starts from the ground up.

You look out over the acres and imagine a field of possibilities. Proper dirt works and land management can help maximize your land's usefulness and resources.

Our experienced staff knows how to start at the bottom, with the nitty-gritty details, and work our way up to elevate your investment. We work with you to ensure that your land reaches its full potential in a way that is sustainable and productive.

We deliver cost effective dirt works solutions for our clients by bringing our experience to every job we do.

Our dirt work customers love us!

Paul N., Boerne, TX March 2021

WMD did a great job from pulling large stumps to grinding rock.  In doing so they improved the ...
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Matt N, Boerne, TX April 2021

Y'all did fantastic.  Can I get on your calendar again for more work?
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Adam B., New Braunfels, TX April 2021

Excellent job clearing our land.  Watching George rip out an acre of cedars was fascinating.  Completed the job ...
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David H, Mico, TX January, March, June, and July 2021

Thank you for providing honest, dependable, high quality, hard work at a fair competitive price. Keep up the ...
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Kevin Z., Blanco, TX June 2021

George was very thorough in scoping and estimating the job.  He made sure that his crew knew what ...
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Art & Lisa S., Llano, TX July 2021

George has an eye for clearing brush from property which makes the land open up to its natural ...
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dirt works in Texas Hill Country

Dirt Works

When your land requires reshaping, it can cause your plans to go downhill fast. Whether your property needs leveling out, digging down, or building up, we have the right equipment for the job and the knowledge to get it done right the first time. We're not afraid to get our hands dirty.

We offer a range of dirt works services including:

  • Excavation
  • Roads
  • Drives
  • Trails
  • Shooting Lanes
  • Pad sites
  • Trenching
  • Rock Sawing
  • Retaining Walls
  • Retention Ponds

Improving your land is our mission.

Rock Milling

When your land development efforts hit the rocks, you need someone with groundbreaking capabilities. We believe that if you can do something well, you should, so we do.

We're crushing it every day at Winston Machinery & Dirtworks (WMD Works) and we truly love what we do. Helping our clients see and achieve their dreams for their land is our ultimate goal. We want to help enhance and enrich your land to its natural beauty.

Rock milling will help your land and allow you to:

  • Build Driveways
  • Make a Yard Usable
  • Create Roads
  • Even/Smooth out Terrain

Problem solving is at the heart of everything we do.

rock milling in Texas Hill Country
land clearing services

Land Clearing

When you're lost in the woods, it's hard to see clearly. The amount of work to be done on your land can seem overwhelming, but we've got a plan.

Our extensive experience gives us a clear vision of what needs to be done and how to accomplish it. Let us help you navigate through the process of clearing and shaping your land to fit your needs.

We offer a range of land clearing services including:

  • Cedar Eradication
  • Mulching
  • Underbrush Removal
  • Root Ball Removal
  • Land Management

Land clearing can open up new possibilities.

We are committed to getting it done and getting it done right. Our aim is to provide professionalism with reliable and dependable service.

Our Services

Let us show you what we're capable of. Our team can handle almost every aspect of your land management needs. Those services include cedar mulching, rock milling/crushing, tree thinning, vegetation management, invasive vegetation removal, fence line clearing, right-of-way clearing, shooting lanes/senderos, removal of trail and road overgrowth, trail and road construction, site prep and lot clearing for both residential and commercial, storm damage/disaster clean-up, and pond construction and maintenance. When your list of land development projects starts to stack up, we can help get you back on level ground — literally.

Our Values

Necessity is the mother of invention. We saw a need in our area for the skills and equipment we already had. We stepped in to fill that need, and Winston Machinery & Dirtworks was born. We are a land management company based in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. We work with both residential and commercial landowners to maximize their land's potential value and usability. We understand that developing a plot of land is a massive undertaking and you need someone who can take care of and nurture your investment. You want to trust the job to a company with a track record of success and high-quality work.

Our Projects

Our projects have ranged far and wide — from east in Houston, to west in San Angelo, from north in Temple, to south in Cotulla – we cover all of the Texas Hill Country and beyond. These projects have included home site preparations, land clearing and/or rock grinding from plots of just an acre to larger tracts up to approximately 100+ acres, ranch road and home site drive construction, culverts, retaining walls, drainage, retention, and ponds. Contact us to discuss how we can help turn your visions into reality.

Ready to start your dirt works project today?

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