Let us help you break new ground. Rocky terrain can make it tough to enjoy your yard. Rock crushing can not only smooth things out, but also provide new, nutrient-rich topsoil! Our specialized machinery can perform this on site, eliminating the need for costly haul away. Let us create the land you've been dreaming of.


The Texas Hill Country is beautiful, but it can be difficult to fully utilize your land. Jagged, protruding rocks can make it a challenge to prepare a building site, provide pasture for grazing, or just to enjoy a smooth lawn. We can break down this solid rock into usable material with our rock crushing machines. This process can create up to 10 to 12 inches of topsoil! Rock milling is also ideal for resurfacing roads and drives, as it can eliminate the need to truck in aggregate base. Call us to discuss the most efficient and cost effective way to solve your rocky problem.


“Much of the Central Texas region is characterized by a thin layer of alkaline soil over limestone rock.”