Let us show you what we're capable of. Our team can handle almost every aspect of your land management needs, including rock crushing and grinding, cedar and underbrush removal, mulching, and all kinds of dirtworks. When your list of land development projects starts to stack up, we can help get you back on level ground — literally.


Land Clearing

Land Clearing

We offer a variety of land clearing means depending on the unique challenges of each location and the ultimate desire of the landowner. WMD can stack your unwanted trees and vegetation for burning or mulch them to provide a blanket of mulch across the ground helping to prevent soil erosion, aiding with water retention in the soil, and/or working to provide nutrients and thermal insulation fostering new and/or restored native grass growth.


Rock Milling

The Texas Hill Country is beautiful, but it can be difficult to fully utilize your land. Jagged, protruding rocks can make it a challenge to prepare a building site, provide pasture for grazing, or just to enjoy a smooth lawn. We can break down this solid rock into usable material with our rock crushing machines. This process can create up to 6 inches of topsoil! Rock milling is also ideal for resurfacing roads and drives, as it can eliminate the need to truck in aggregate base. Call us to discuss the most efficient and cost effective way to solve your rocky problem.

Ped Dozer road consturction


Dirtworks refers to the general working of the land, including drainage, or excavation. We provide skilled excavation and site services for a variety of jobs. This can include constructing ranch roads, drives, or trails; building home sites, pad areas, or retaining walls; improving drainage through culverts, swales, ponds, or waterways; or excavating to create trenching, hill notching, rock sawing, or earthen dams. With staff engineers available, WMD can provide thoughtful, solutions to your dirtworks needs.

Benefits of Land Clearing

It may seem counter-intuitive that removing trees can facilitate native grass growth, but in the Texas Hill Country, invasive cedar actually contributes to higher soil erosion rates. These prolific trees block sunlight from reaching the ground and take in large amounts of water from the rains, preventing native grasses from thriving and providing healthy soil protection. Restoration of grasslands also fosters plentiful grazing for livestock. Land clearing is also necessary to completely eliminate tree root balls from a building site, ensuring a smooth, compacted surface for laying a foundation. Targeted clearing can also positively impact wildlife by restoring habitats and fostering greater species diversity. Give WMD a call. Let’s talk through your goals and determine the best, most cost effective path forward.